About us

We are urban and residential developers. We rethink urban environments and homes to have a positive impact on people and nature. We challenge ourselves and the entire industry to raise the standards of the built environment.
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We create quality of life

We are a family-owned business and take a long-term perspective. We are a niche player and choose our development projects carefully to make sure we can realise our visions.

Cities and homes shape people’s lives. That’s why we put people at the centre of every project. We create places where people love to live – both today and in the future.

We don’t promote one-size-fits-all solutions because no two areas are the same, no two people are the same, no two ecosystems are the same.

We see diversity as a quality. That’s why we build diverse neighbourhoods for owners and tenants, for young and older people, for families and singles.

Since 2006, we have developed modern urban neighbourhoods, and our activities are currently centred around the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm and Malmö.

It’s in our DNA to have the courage to ask the tough questions and leave no stone unturned to find answers. Could we live smaller and share more? Could we allocate more space for nature and biodiversity? How do we create well-functioning communities? We find the answers by investing in thorough research and by testing innovative concepts in practice
Andreea Kaiser and Ludvig Find, founders and owners of ALFA Development
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We see our business in a larger perspective

ALFA Development is part of a network of companies. Our sister company, ALFA Ventures, invests in proptech start-ups focusing on sustainability, biodiversity, human quality of life and technology. ALFA Ventures was established in 2021 to contribute to transforming the real estate industry to build a more sustainable, user-centric, and digital future.

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ALFA Ventures

In 2022, ALFA Development's owners founded the Planetary Responsibility Foundation (PRF) whose main purpose is to protect and restore nature and biodiversity through investments in projects and knowledge sharing. Every year, a share of ALFA Development's profit is transferred to the foundation.

We want to have positive impact on people and nature by raising the standards of our industry.
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Our values

Credibility and trust
We stand by our word. We prioritise long-term and close relationships based on fairness and respect.

We create lasting value with well-thought-out solutions.

We have in-depth market knowledge and high standards of integrity.

We are dedicated and passionate about achieving great results for ourselves, our partners and customers.

Business requests

If you’re considering a project and looking for professional expertise, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Please contact jsm@alfadev.dk for land acquisition request and kh@alfadev.dk for property acquisition requests. We look forward to hearing from you.