In the southwestern parts of Stockholm lies Mälarhöjden. One of Stockholm’s most attractive areas, characterized by its older residential buildings and proximity to Sweden’s third largest lake, Mälaren. In the central part of Mälarhöjden, about 300 meters from the metro, ALFA Development is planning to build approximately 75 new attractive cooperative apartments.

Bromma, Riksbydalen

Bromma is one of Stockholm’s most attractive areas, known for its neighborhoods of large villas in garden cities. North of Brommaplan and south of Bromma Airport, Riksbydalen is emerging.


Terrasse med udsigt

Overlooking the large nature reserve and a limestone quarry in Limhamn, Kalcium is part of the area’s new urban district, Elinegård.


blå himmel og altaner i Kajakkanten

Seaside idyll and a beautiful green courtyard unfold in this first stage of the development project of Kajkanten: Styrbord.


Rendering af Karnaphuset

Beautiful bay windows allow plenty of natural light into these homes close to the sea.


Solvendte altaner i kajakkanten

With a front row seat to Øresund, and a view of the Øresund Bridge and the North Zealand coast, in Babord you step directly onto the quayside promenade and meet the water and the harbor environment.


overblik over Kajakkanten boligområdet

In the charming Limhamn near Malmö in Sweden, you’ll find Kajkanten – a former industrial area that now consists of homes where nature and city combine in beautiful, atmospheric oases.