Baristarækkerne is a development of modern terraced houses in an intimate oasis where communities can thrive and the homes are surrounded by green spaces.
Stier og grønt miljø foran rækkehusene
2610 Rødovre
A part of IrmaByen
Construction start
2,400 m2
16 terraced houses (owner-occupied)
Wilhelm Lauritzen, ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører, HHM, CK Land

The option of enjoying both the private sphere and a rich social life

Baristarækkerne in IrmaByen is a development situated in tranquil surroundings, yet still close to city life. Here you can breathe calmly and enjoy the green spaces. The contemporary and aesthetic two and three-storey terraced houses create an intimate oasis. The buildings are designed with the idea of creating a private space by the home and a shared life just a few steps from your front door.

The houses are arranged in two rows, and the space in between is a communal green space which invites residents to relax and/or socialise. In addition, the Espelunden park is next door as a green extension of the open space at Baristarækkerne.

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