A neighbourhood born out of Irma’s history and built on strong values of responsibility, respect for each other, community, and quality.
2610 Rødovre, Municipality of Rødovre
Construction years
135,000 m2
Approximately 1000 terraced houses and apartments (owner-occupied, rental and cooperative)
Partners on masterplan
Gröning Arkitekter
"This is my neighborhood – this is where I live."
Resident in IrmaByen

Welcome to IrmaByen. A neighbourhood born out of Irma's history and built on strong values ​​of responsibility, respect, community, and quality. Today – a safe and vibrant base for over 3,000 people who have found their home in the neighbourhood's owner-occupied, cooperative, and rental residences. A small community with strong solidarity and a living history.

Over a decade, ALFA Development has transformed the old industrial site, with respect for history, and with the vision of creating a modern city for modern people. Diverse housing options accommodating all generations. Terraced houses, apartment buildings, and separate houses. Varied architectural expressions, sustainable materials, and high quality. Focus on light and air indoors and outdoors, squares, and green oases. A unique solidarity and a strong local identity closely connected to the rest of Rødovre and the neighbouring city, Copenhagen.

In many ways, we see IrmaByen as our masterpiece. We have really made an effort, and fortunately, we have succeeded in creating a vibrant and green neighbourhood with a proud common identity. The residents enjoy living here and IrmaByen as a whole has become an asset for the municipality of Rødovre.
Ludvig Find, co-founder and -owner of ALFA Development

The different atmospheres vary in IrmaByen: from the senior homes in Orangerihaven with red tiled roofs and classical architecture to Kaffetårnet and Børge Olsen's Plads just 50 meters away. Here, the buildings become larger with stringent architecture, balconies, natural light, urban atmosphere, and a higher pace. From village to urban atmosphere. From terraced and cluster houses to multi-storey buildings. From denser development to airy green spaces and urban squares. A vibrant versatility on few square meters.

As in all our development projects, we started with the basic questions: Who would like to live here? And what would we value if we were to live here ourselves? These have been the guiding principles throughout the development process.

Today, IrmaByen is fully developed. A prime example of successful urban development. A lively neighbourhood for all age groups. A place where people belong and settle.

Mand og kvinde på sidder på gårdsplads i Orangeihaven
Gårdplads med grønnetræer imellem Mokkahusene
Grønne stier og gadekær foran terrassehavens etageejendom
altaner og beplantning foran Espeporten
Living by alfa_1

Strong community

As residents in a new neighborhood, everyone feels a need of belonging. To engage in communities with other people. To know the neighbours and help each other. It creates safety, meaning, and joy.

IrmaByen is designed for community and for residents to meet – indoors and outdoors. This applies to the entire neighbourhood, and especially for the newest construction, Living by ALFA. The heart of IrmaByen with shops, restaurant, and take-away. A natural meeting place for the neighbourhood's residents.

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Living by ALFA IrmaByen


Plenty of life from the start

Olea take away_2

A new neighbourhood requires more than just buildings and urban spaces. The buildings constitute the setting - the environment is created by people, their lives and movements, their dialogue and play.

A new neighbourhoods needs a kickstart, so residents quickly feel at home. In IrmaByen, we set up a think tank that came up with ideas to create an active urban life from the beginning. With specialists in architecture, urban planning, media, and culture, life emerged between the buildings: Exercise days, summer parties, Christmas tree lighting, carnival, jazz in the garden, and much more.

But not only professionals gave their input. Children and young people did too. Through several workshops, they provided inspiration for how the neighbourhood became lively and interesting for them.


In IrmaByen, art contributes to creating identity and cohesion. The renowned Irish sculptor Sean McKenna went through the area to gather inspiration to tie past and present together.

Because the former supermarket chain Irma produced its famous coffee here, ‘Irma coffee’ became the theme, and giant wooden coffee beans, placed around the area, became the manifestation. The beans serve as art, benches, and fitness equipment. A consistent element in the area and a daily reminder of its history.

Kaffetårnet i Irmabyen

A green neighbourhood

Den grønne kile i Irmabyen

The park area ‘Den Grønne Kile’ winds through the neighbourhood. In the city park, residents and visitors can take a walk and find peace. Wild grassy areas, flowers, trees, and a rainwater basin create nature experiences for people and also creates habitats for animals and insects.

Closer to the settlements, different squares create outdoor meeting places. A spacious wooden terrace is a natural gathering point for the residents of IrmaByen, whether for a barbecue evening or just a cozy moment. For children and active souls, there is a playground and a multi-purpose court for play and activity.

Den Grønne Kile

Cirkelpladsen has its own story as the district's focal point and meeting place. Surrounded by trees, which give the feeling of a beautiful, living roof, the square in several levels provides space for concerts and other activities. The square also functions as a stormwater basin during heavy rains.



Irma takes over the site and establishes its headquarters, 135,000 square meters of offices and production halls with the 38-meter-high Kaffetårn as the center piece and landmark.
Irma pigen
The supermarket chain Irma moves from the area as the organization integrates with Coop and the headquarters moves to Albertslund.
IrmaByen Før nedrivning
ALFA Development buys the site and presents the municipality with a comprehensive master plan with respect for history and visions for the future.
Tænke Tank
Rødovre's municipal council unanimously approves the local plan for IrmaByen.
Første spadestik
After demolition of most existing buildings, the first ground is broken for the first homes. Many of the old materials are reused, for example in the roads in the new neighbourhood.
Asfaltering i Irmabyen
The construction site is bustling with life, and the first three projects are handed over to the future residents. 61 terraced houses in 'Orangerihaven' and 'Espehaven' and 128 apartments in 'Terrassehaven'.
Udehus og grønne hække i Orangeihaven
Nærbillede af altaner of tagterrasser på i Terrassehaven
The projects 'Mokkahusene', 'Skiferhusene', 'Udsigtsparken' and 'Baristarækkerne' welcome their new residents. The neighbourhood is attractive, and there is a strong demand for the newly built homes.
Gårdplads med grønnetræer imellem Mokkahusene
Grønt miljø og altaner i udsigtsparken
Tagterrasserne på baristarækkerne
98 apartments in 'Parkkanten' and 44 cooperative apartments in 'Stempelhusene' are ready for their new owners.
Himlen ses imellen to bygning
Nærbillede af muredetaljer i Stempelhusenes fasade
The park area ‘Den Grønne Kile’ takes shape as a green trail through the neighbourhood.
Den grønne kile og kaffetårnet i baggrunden
Kilen i Irmabyen
The last residents of the neighbourhood move into Living by ALFA. The district is now complete with more than 1,000 homes, shops, a restaurant, playgrounds and green spaces.

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