The Rovsingsgade neighborhood is one of the last major development areas in Copenhagen. Here, a commercial and industrial area will be transformed into a brand new urban neighborhood with a focus on quality of life, community, green spaces and diversity.
2200 Copenhagen N, Municipality of Copenhagen
Rovsingsgade 78-88 and Vingelodden 5
Task type
Development of urban neighborhood in former industrial area
Expected construction start
Plot area
38,056 m2
Expected building area
Approximately 40,000 m2
Number of units
Approximately 380 units. Expected mix of owner-occupied, rental housing and commercial properties.
Sustainability goals
Biofactor: 0.5%, CO2 kg: 8.0 kg, DGNB certification: Gold

In the Rovsingsgade neighborhood, an old industrial area will be transformed into a vibrant district in the sweet spot between Østerbro, Nørrebro and Bispebjerg. The vision for the development is clear. Rovsingsgadekvarteret will become an urban district for everyone, with small and large homes, varying urban spaces, offices and retail environments. Both urban nature and biodiversity will be a part of the new neighborhood, where efficient public transport links the district to the inner city of Copenhagen.

The first steps towards the new neighborhood are a master plan and local plan. The goal is to break ground on the new neighborhood in 2026.

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