The area around Mørkhøj Bygade hides hidden treasures. The historic Mørkhøjgård, the majestic avenue and the small wood that is a green breathing space in the densely built-up area. The listed farm, the avenue and the wood are all part of the development of a new, mixed neighbourhood with light industry and housing.
2860 Gladsaxe
Mørkhøj Bygade 19, 26 og 30
Task type
Development of urban neighborhood in former industrial area
Expected construction start
Plot area
51,834 m2
Expected building area
49,242 m2
Approximately 450 units. Expected mix of owner-occupied, rental housing and commercial properties.
LINK Arkitekter, Tredje Natur, AFRY
Sustainability goals
Biofactor: 0.5%, CO2 kg: 8.0 kg, DGNB certification: Gold

Skovbyen near Søborg will be a new green district where people live and meet, work and play. A safe, secure and green breathing space for residents, neighbours and all citizens of the Municipality of Gladsaxe, providing opportunities for nature walks or participating in activities in the courtyard at the historic Mørkhøjgård.

Since the DTU National Food Institute closed down its activities in Gladsaxe in 2017, the site has been closed to the public. Now the area is being revitalised with around 400 homes for Gladsaxe residents of all ages and life stages. There will also be space for light industry and 450 new parking spaces.

If all goes to plan, construction will begin in 2025, with the first residents moving in two years later. Moreover, not just people but also trees will be “moving in”. For every new home, a tree will be planted to preserve and enhance the woodland and natural beauty of the area.

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