ALFA Development Continues Urban Development in Greater Copenhagen area

June 26
A new residential area is in the pipeline south of IrmaByen in the Greater Copenhagen area, Rødovre. If the recently announced local plan proposal is adopted by the end of the year, it means that ALFA’s property currently part of the commercial area known as the Valhøj Quarter, will be developed into a green and car- free residential area with approximately 200 new homes.

IrmaByen has been fully developed into a popular residential area in Rødovre. Now, the urban developers from Alfa Development, who have created IrmaByen, are ready with plans to continue the urban development to the south of IrmaByen with both townhouses and apartments.

“We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with Rødovre Municipality and to extend the urban development with a residential area south of IrmaByen. Our vision is to create a new green, vibrant, and diverse district for all generations, offering high-quality homes of various sizes,” says Andreea Kaiser, founder and co-owner of Alfa Development.

A Green District with Room for Biodiversity
The new urban area will be green, connecting to the leisure area Vestvolden, a area with sports and leisure facilities as the nearest neighbors. The entire area will be car-free, with small green alleys and paths creating a safe environment with various outdoor spaces that encourage communal activities and socializing.

“Nature and biodiversity are a central part of our development philosophy at ALFA Development and align with the municipality's wishes for the new district. As part of the local plan proposal, we have developed a landscape strategy that accommodates both people and nature far more than is currently the case in the area,” says Andreea Kaiser.

The area is currently almost 100% paved or covered with stone. The amount of asphalt and tiles will be dramatical reduced in the new district, and there will be room for flowering bushes, wild beds, and large trees, thus best accommodating biodiversity. Rainwater management is also integrated. Depressions that can function as rainwater basins will allow new species of plants and insects to establish over time.


Distinct Connections to Industrial History
The new buildings, ranging from two to five stories high, will be tallest near the busiest roads surrounding the area, thus shielding the green areas behind from traffic noise. The buildings' designs will reference the existing historic business quarter and factory functions, for example, in roof construction and material choices.

“We are very focused on the design, placement, and orienta􏰀on of the buildings. It is important for us that the architecture not only draws historical threads but also creates space for modern and contemporary quality homes,” says Andreea Kaiser.

The houses are planned to be constructed in varying brick types in subdued colors, giving them a modern look that harmonizes with the architecture of the nearby IrmaByen.

Climate Condition Optimization
The new construction will be low-emission class and certified with DGNB Gold sustainability standard. To achieve this, Alfa Development has already conducted life cycle sustainability assessments for the construction in connection with the local plan proposal.

Alfa Development has worked closely with ABC Consulting Engineers, Adept Architects, and sustainability specialists from Zero Engineering in the life cycle assessment and preparation of the local plan proposal.

First Phase Expected to be Completed in 2027
The local plan proposal has now been released for public consultation, June 2024, and is expected to be adopted at the end of the year. Subsequently, detailed planning will commence with the expected groundbreaking in 2025. The construction will be organized in two phases, with the first homes expected to be ready in 2027.

About ALFA Development
ALFA Development is a Nordic urban and real estate developer. Founded in 2006 as a family-owned business, ALFA Development's mission is to improve customers' quality of life by developing attractive and innovative urban environments and homes for a mid-income segment. ALFA Development is inspired by local building traditions combined with international development and construction trends.

ALFA Development is part of a corporate group rethinking the industry and its solutions. The sister company ALFA Ventures invests in start-up companies with a particular focus on sustainability, biodiversity, quality of life, and property technology.

In 2022, ALFA Development's owners, Andreea Kaiser and Ludvig Find, established the Planetary Responsibility Foundation (PRF), whose primary goal is to protect and restore nature and biodiversity through international project investments and knowledge sharing. Each year, a portion of ALFA Development's profits is donated to the foundation.