ALFA Development to develop residential property in Malmo, Sweden

February 27
The district of Hyllie is fast developing into a vibrant neighborhood as a second city centre of Malmo. In the sweet spot close to a large, urban park area called Hyllie park, ALFA Development just secured the rights to build 6,500 sqm of residential units as part of a large urban development project. The ambition of the municipality of Malmo is to create a model project for climate-smart solutions.

”The development of the Hyllie plot offers a great opportunity for us to apply a range of our competences within environmental and biodiversity solutions. We have suggested a Japanese inspired Shigushi wooden structure high-quality project. Combining the best of Danish architecture with the strong focus on Swedish functionality. In addition, we take care to integrate nature and biodiversity in the project, creating an attractive residential complex for middle-class families”, says Andreea Kaiser, Owner and Group CEO of ALFA Development.

Climate-smart solutions will play a key part in the planning, design, and construction of the buildings. As part of this, ALFA Development suggests to invite students from the Lund Technical University to explore circular solutions for buildings materials. In addition, as part of ALFA Development’s strategic focus on biodiversity in all projects, smaller school children will be invited to help collect and plant seeds in the area to stir their interest in nature and biodiversity.

An important step in the growth strategy of ALFA Development
The new project in Sweden is an important element in ALFA Development’s growth strategy, which targets urban and residential development in the metropolitan regions around Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark along with development activities in the Greater Stockholm and Skåne regions in Sweden.

”The Hyllie project fuels our growth strategy. We are on the lookout for projects, where we can unfold our vision to build high-quality middle class housing, enhancing people’s quality of life, while respecting the environment, nature and biodiversity. These are important pillars in our approach to urban and residential development and a perfect match to the ambitions of the Municipality of Malmo”, says Andreea Kaiser.

The project in Hyllie is a natural continuation of ALFA Development’s engagement in the Greater Oresund region, where the company has carried out numerous projects in recent years.

For the Hyllie project, ALFA Development has partnered with a strong team of architects from C.F. Møller Architects in Malmö, landscape architects from Plot Studio and sustainability consultants from WSP and Sitowise. Besides, the project draws on in-house development expertise at ALFA Development and will be managed by the Local ALFA Development team in Malmo.

The detailed development of the project will start in 2024, and construction is expected to commence in 2025. The plan is to complete the project in 2027.

About ALFA Development
ALFA Development is a Nordic urban developer, operating in Denmark and Sweden. Founded in 2006 as a family-owned business, the company's mission is to strive for quality of life in the development of attractive and innovative urban environments and homes for the middle class.

ALFA Development draws inspiration from local building traditions combined with international development trends.

ALFA Development is part of a business group that rethinks the industry and its solutions. The sister company, ALFA Ventures, invests in startups with a focus on sustainability, biodiversity, human quality of life, and property technology.

In 2022, ALFA Development's owners, Andreea Kaiser and Ludvig Find, established the Planetary Responsibility Foundation (PRF), whose main purpose is to protect and restore nature and biodiversity through international investments in projects and knowledge sharing. A portion of ALFA Development's profits is donated to the foundation each year.


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