ALFA Development expands to Stockholm with new project

November 29
After several successful projects in the Malmö region, next stop for ALFA Development is a large development project in Stockholm. The company has just announced the acquisition of 23,000 square meters of land which will be transformed into an attractive residential area in the near future.
Image of ALFA Developments founder and ceo Andreea Kaiser

ALFA Development already has a solid foothold in southern Sweden with several projects at Limhamn in Malmö. For some time, the company has been looking at new opportunities in the Stockholm area which now becomes a reality. The newly acquired site in Kallhäll is located directly on Sweden's third largest lake, Mälaren.

This is a very exciting plot of land where we have the opportunity to develop attractive housing in conjunction with the natural heritage and recreational opportunities that already exist in the area. We hope that the development of the area at Kallhälls Marina will be the starting point for a long-term presence with more projects in the Stockholm area
Andreea Kaiser, co-founder, co-owner and now chair of the board of ALFA Development

The attractive plot of land has been acquired from Sture Fagerholm AB and is one of the last development plots in the Stockholm suburb of Järfälla, one of the area's fastest growing cities with only 20 minutes by train to the city centre. With this project, ALFA Development wants to bring the special Danish developer tradition to Sweden.

We believe that good architecture, access to nature and common facilities that can help create communities are important elements in the development of urban and residential environments. We bring these values to Kallhäll with a desire to combine the best of Denmark with the best of Sweden
Andreea Kaiser

Since 1980, a boat shop and a shipyard have been operating on the site, and for now the boat shop will remain. ALFA Development is now awaiting the local plan for the area which is expected to be ready in early 2023. Subsequently, the development plans will be specified, including the number and types of housing. ALFA Development has entered into a collaboration with the Swedish developer Forsbloms Fastighetsutveckling who will assist with the project. Forsbloms has 25 years of experience in Stockholm and has developed several projects in the Järfälla area.

The fifth development project in Sweden within few years
The development of the project in Kallhäll will be ALFA Developments' fifth Swedish development project within a few years. In 2017, the Kajkanten project in Limhamns Sjöstad was the starting point of ALFA's Swedish expansion adventure. Kajkanten consists of almost 200 residential units divided into three sub-projects, of which two have already been built and moved in. The last sub-project, Karnaphuset, is almost sold out and residents will move in 2023. In addition, ALFA has also developed a fourth residential project, Kalcium, right next to the limestone quarry in Limhamn, Malmö.


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