New Housing Development Underway North of Danish Capital Copenhagen

April 23
Alfa Development is constructing 43 new homes on a former industrial site in Nivå near the Oresund sea. The new neighborhood will be environmentally friendly, closely integrated with the surrounding nature and the sea. The local development plan for the area has just been approved, with the homes expected to be completed by the end of 2025.

The old industrial site, formerly being a timber cargo center, will soon be revitalized as the lumber halls and paved areas make way for a lush green residential neighborhood.

"This is a fantastic area with significant natural and cultural heritage values. It obligates us to do our outmost. We aim to create sustainable and contemporary terraced houses, while also making room for nature and paying homage to the historical Nivågård Brickworks, which was located on the site until the 1980s," says Mette Thiberg, Development Director at Alfa Development.

The local plan for the area has just been passed. During the process leading up to this plan, neighbors and other stakeholders participated in preliminary dialogue meetings. Their input has played a crucial role in defining the overall framework for the development, particularly in preserving the area's large trees, ensuring low-rise buildings, and enhancing connections to the surrounding nature.

An ALFA philosophy Project
The redevelopment of the site embodies Alfa Development's philosophy focusing on climate, biodiversity, and quality of life. The currently 100% paved outdoor areas will be transformed into a large green space. Between the row houses, inner green gardens will be established to foster community among residents. Connections to the surrounding landscape are designed to make residents feel as if they are living in the midst of North Zealand's nature, with just 300 meters of undeveloped nature separating them from the sea
of Øresund.

"Focusing on nature and biodiversity is a hallmark of Alfa Development and plays a significant role in the Nivå project. We are in close contact with the surrounding nature, and we will integrate it into the area to support a rich local flora and fauna. Therefore, we are maintaining an existing green wildlife corridor for
insects, amphibians, and other small animals. Planting at least one new tree per home, and incorporating
rainwater basins as elements that support biodiversity," adds Mette Thiberg.

The homes will be DGNB-Gold certified, and the building materials will be eco-friendly, predominantly carrying the Swan eco-label. The houses will be constructed to meet stringent low-emission standards, meaning CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced compared to current building regulations, aiming for 8 kilos per m².

Townhouses Made of Beautiful, Variegated Yellow Brick
For hundreds of years, clay bricks were produced on the site, continuing until the closure of Nivågård Brickworks in 1981. The old ring furnace, now a protected site and museum, is among the closest neighbors to the new housing development. Therefore, burned clay bricks play a crucial role in the new construction.

"It is a gift to the design of the townhouses that we can draw on the history of brick production. The facades of the homes will be constructed with variegated yellow bricks, typical of the clay used locally. In this way, the new townhouses help to connect with the historical ring furnace, an iconic feature of the area," explains
Mette Thiberg.

Alfa Development has developed the project in close cooperation with a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, and specialists in areas such as biodiversity and environment. The project team is now moving on to detailed planning, with construction expected to start in the second half of 2024. The project is anticipated to be ready for families moving in early 2026.

Facts About the Project:
- 43 townhouses in one and two stories
- Homes suitable for both families and seniors
- House sizes ranging from approximately 85 to120 m²
- Building density at 35%
- DGNB-Gold certified construction
- Maximum CO2 emissions per square meter: 8 kg (low emission)
- Building materials are as far as possible, eco-labeled

About ALFA Development
ALFA Development is a Nordic urban developer, operating in Denmark and Sweden. Founded in 2006 as a family-owned business, the company's mission is to strive for quality of life in the
development of attractive and innovative urban environments and homes for the middle class. ALFA Development draws inspiration from local building traditions combined with international development trends. 

ALFA Development is part of a business group that rethinks the industry and its solutions. The sister company, ALFA Ventures, invests in startups with a focus on sustainability, biodiversity, human quality of life, and property technology.

In 2022, ALFA Development's owners, Andreea Kaiser and Ludvig Find, established the Planetary Responsibility Foundation (PRF), whose main purpose is to protect and restore nature and biodiversity through international investments in projects and knowledge sharing. A portion of ALFA Development's profits is donated to the foundation each year.

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