ELF Development Becomes ALFA Development

May 2
ALFA Development is already established as a solid Danish and growing Swedish development company with projects in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Malmoe and Lund. Next step is a new company in the British market headquartered in London.
Andreea Kaiser foran grøn væg

”With the international expansion, we sought a new name and brand that would encompass both our heritage and our vision. We want to send a signal about continuity and innovation. As regards letters and pronunciation, ELF and ALFA are close, which provides a certain recognition. But ALFA is also new and expresses our ambition to seek new ways and challenge the thinking of the industry”, says Andreea Kaiser, who is Head of the Board of ALFA Development.

The new name is accompanied by a new logo, a tree as a symbol of the wish to make something grow and blossom. At the same time, the tree expresses ALFA Development’s wish to develop sustainable neighbourhoods that are centered on the dwellers’ quality of life, and on protecting the climate and natural environment.

The new name is only a name change and does not imply any changes to ongoing activities, contracts and partnerships. Jan Kristensen continues as CEO of ALFA Development in Denmark.

”The strategy of ALFA Development remains the same. We want to develop attractive neighbourhoods targeted the mid-income segment in Denmark’s largest cities, primarily the metropolitan Copenhagen area and Aarhus. We aim to grow our business as a trendsetting developer company in the market”, says Jan Kristensen.

New Foundation with focus on sustainability
At the same time as the launch of the new brand, founders Andreea Kaiser and Ludvig Find have established the Planetary Responsibility Foundation (PRF), which targets issues of sustainability in a broader sense. The mission of PRF is to plant native trees at the edges of national parks in areas with high biodiversity, thus returning land back to nature and sequestering carbon.  The foundation will also create an international digital platform where members can share solutions on how to make the real estate industry more sustainable. Companies under the ALFA Development umbrella pledge up to DKK 100 million over the next ten years to the Planetary Responsibility Foundation. 


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