A new neighbourhood is scheduled to be built in the coming years close to the centre of Aarhus. The new nature district Marienlyst will be a diverse urban community with close links to nature and a strong local identity.
8200 Aarhus N
Task type
Development of urban neighborhood, green field
Expected construction start
Awaiting zone planing
Land area
220,000 m2
Expected building area
+90,000 m2
Number of units
Expected mix of owner-occupied and rental units, primarily apartments and terraced houses
Ph.D. Boris Brorman Jensen, Architect Ph.D. Katrina Wiberg, NIRAS, Reiulf Ramstad Architect
Sustainability goals
Biofactor: 0.5%, CO2 kg: 8.0 kg, DGNB certification: Gold

Since 2020, ALFA Development has had options on 22 hectares of land on the northern outskirts of Aarhus. The area is part of the new nature district Marienlyst, which covers a total of 185 hectares and will be developed in close collaboration with several other developers. The vision is to create a new diverse district with light and air, cohesion and a strong sense of community. A diverse neighbourhood with nature as the focal point, providing access to recreational nature and all the facilities needed for a modern, attractive district close to the city centre. The development of the area is subject to the local planning process, which is expected to be initiated in 2024–25.

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