Terrasserne, carporte og frodig beplantning i Trongaarden

In Trongården, you live in the countryside – in the city. In beautiful architectural settings, close to nature, private but with plenty of community.


The Rovsingsgade neighborhood is one of the last major development areas in Copenhagen. Here, a commercial and industrial area will be transformed into a brand new urban neighborhood with a focus on quality of life, community, green spaces and diversity.


Stejlepladsvej is located in the old part of Nivå, close to beautiful green areas, lakes, and the beach. The area bears witness to an industrial history, where bricks were previously produced in the old brickworks’ large ring kiln. In the future, new terraced houses will become a vibrant residential area in close interaction with the surrounding nature.


The area around Mørkhøj Bygade hides hidden treasures. The historic Mørkhøjgård, the majestic avenue and the small wood that is a green breathing space in the densely built-up area. The listed farm, the avenue and the wood are all part of the development of a new, mixed neighbourhood with light industry and housing.


A new neighbourhood is scheduled to be built in the coming years close to the centre of Aarhus. The new nature district Marienlyst will be a diverse urban community with close links to nature and a strong local identity.


In the southwestern parts of Stockholm lies Mälarhöjden. One of Stockholm’s most attractive areas, characterized by its older residential buildings and proximity to Sweden’s third largest lake, Mälaren. In the central part of Mälarhöjden, about 300 meters from the metro, ALFA Development is planning to build approximately 75 new attractive cooperative apartments.

Bromma, Riksbydalen

Bromma is one of Stockholm’s most attractive areas, known for its neighborhoods of large villas in garden cities. North of Brommaplan and south of Bromma Airport, Riksbydalen is emerging.

Brendstrup Nedergård

The historic Brendstrup Nedergård and the surrounding areas, approx. 18 hectares, are owned and operated by ALFA Development. The area has great landscape values and plays an important role with regards to biodiversity and climate adaptation of the development area of Marienlyst.

Astas Have

On Amager, near Sundholmsvej and Kornblomstvej, new housing will see the light of day. A mixed urban environment with 64 homes and 1 commercial lease will emerge.


Terrasse med udsigt

Overlooking the large nature reserve and a limestone quarry in Limhamn, Kalcium is part of the area’s new urban district, Elinegård.