ALFA Development owns and operates the property at Smedeland 6 in Glostrup, which is located in the existing industrial area Hersted Industrial Park. Hersted Industrial Park has been selected as an urban transformation area, and over time, the area will be made into a new and vibrant urban neighbourhood.
2600 Glostrup
Smedeland 6
Task type
Development of urban neighborhood in former industrial area
Expected construction start
Plot area
10,000 m2
Expected floor area
15,000 m2
Number of units
187 rental apartments
Arkitema og Cowi
Sustainability goals
Biofactor: 0.5%, CO2 kg: 8.0 kg, DGNB certification: Gold

Smedeland in Glostrup will undergo a transformation from a former commercial and industrial area in Hersted Industrial Park to a setting for new homes and businesses with an attractive atmosphere. The goal is to create a vibrant and versatile urban area with a close connection to nature.

Through the architecture, different building heights and larger and smaller buildings, the new development will integrate with the existing industrial architecture and help create the framework for a safe and dynamic urban life. At the same time, the buildings will encircle a safe and pleasant courtyard environment that encourages togetherness and good neighbour relations.

Near Smedeland are several lovely nature areas and parks, and it’s only 13 km to central Copenhagen. There is a short distance to good public transport connections, and Hersted will have its own light rail station, slated for 2024. In addition, there are schools and shops close to Smedeland.

ALFA Development owns and operates the property Smedeland 6 in Glostrup, located in the existing industrial area Hersted Industrial Park.

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