A new urban neighbourhood, Marielundkvarteret, is scheduled to be built in Herlev. It will consist of rental residential units, and it will feature urban green spaces, attractive courtyard environments and be spacious enough to accommodate families. Currently, ALFA Development owns and operates the properties in Mileparken and Marielundvej.
2730 Herlev
Mileparken 28-30 and Marielundvej 37A-D
Task type
Development of urban neighborhood in commercial area
Plot area
15,482 m2
Expected building area
Approximately 23,000 m2
Multi-storey residential housing

The current industrial area at Mileparken and Marielundvej will be transformed into an urban neighbourhood with rental housing, green areas and a playground – with plenty of room for life and community.

The vision for Marielundkvarteret is to create a diverse urban neighbourhood that caters to singles, couples and families with children. The apartments will be spacious and, for example, a kitchen and family room will help make everyday life easier and more efficient for families with children. The apartments will also be provided with deep balconies. The focus of the development will be to create a good and straight-forward framework for the homes and a safe environment based on the needs of future residents.

A light rail stop close to Marielundkvarteret is estimated to be completed by 2025, and there is already an S-train station nearby.

Currently, ALFA Development owns and operates the properties at Mileparken and Marielundvej.

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